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Elizabeth Waggett

It's My Party


Archival pigment inks with hand embellished 23K Rose Gold and 22K Champagne Gold on cotton paper
20 x 30” / 50 x 76cm (unframed)
Unique Hand Embellished Edition of 25

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Its My Party .jpg
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Additional Info

This latest release from Waggett, begins with a humorous nod to our own mortality. The golden party hat, tilted upon the seemingly ‘smiling’ human skull creates a playful juxtaposition.  The deeper context explores the ideas behind the lives we choose to live.
The certainty of purpose that we have as children begins to get lost as we mature. From a young age we are taught to look to others for guidance. 

With limitless options and distractions available we often stray from the meaningful path we set out upon. Finding things that don’t fulfill our individual needs or are in fact destructive, we ignore the voice inside that seeks meaning and purpose. ‘It’s My Party’ asks the question, are you seeking yours?